About the Genealogy Business Alliance

The main activity in this group takes place on a closed facebook group. Join the group.

GBA is a group for genealogy business leaders to discuss best practices, ask business related questions, network and explore the possibility of creating a united voice in the genealogy community.

If you hire and fire employees
If you run vendors’ booths at the major genealogy conferences
If you mainly spend your day managing and developing rather than researching, lecturing or writing
Then this group is for you.
If you aspire to such things you might find value here and you are welcome to join us.

If you are an independent researcher, writer, lecturer, media person, etc or currently work for someone in that capacity this is probably not the group for you. In that case we would suggest working with APG, GSG, ISFHWE or starting your own specific group. Though it may briefly touch on such subjects in the context of running a genealogy company, the concerns of an individual genealogy consultant is not a topic for this group.

GBA exists not to talk about genealogy, but rather how to run a company in the genealogy market. Specifically this group exists to foster already existing “Mom & Pop” genealogy companies into becoming healthy corporations, thus creating more genealogy jobs, and encouraging all the boats on the genealogy sea to rise.

At the group meeting at FGS 2016 in Springfield, Illinois, it was agreed upon that there should be a Steering Committee organized consisting of Janet and Jessica (Facebook Group admins), a large company representative, a non-profit representative, a small/mid-size company representative, a solopreneur, and a conference organizer. This committee was formed and began meeting in November to solidify the group’s “Best Practices for Conferences” document and look into any other initiatives the group might want to pursue. You can view the Meeting Minutes for this committee here.

Jessica Taylor

Jessica Taylor - Legacy Tree Genealogists

Group Administrator

Mike Provard

Mike Provard - FamilySearch

Non-Profit Representative

Janet Hovorka

Janet Hovorka - Family ChartMasters

Group Administrator

Tessa Keough

Tessa Keough


Lorilee Wagner

Lorilee Wagner - Ancestry

Large Company Representative

Ann Staley

Ann Staley - National Genealogical Society

Conference Organizer

Michael Booth

Michael Booth - RootsMagic

Mid-size Company Representative